The national network of Ukrainian Educational Hubs implements the concept of Life Long Learning for the development of Ukraine’s human capital.

The key task of Ukrainian Education Hubs is the education of children and adults for a successful career.

We share the principles of the World Bank’s global initiative Human capital development project.

During martial law in Ukraine, our priorities are to provide children and adolescents with:

  • catch-up education (catch-up classes) to compensate for knowledge;
  • teaching the most necessary skills, in particular through the UPSHIFT approach, which will allow us to educate a new generation of Ukrainians as change makers.
All programs have already been officially approved for use by the Ministry of Education and Science.


Teenagers 12-17 years old



Learn throughout life

Soft Skills

Free courses on soft skills


Certification training

First psychological aid for the field of education

Emotional support

All-Ukrainian emotional support project of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

Emotional intelligence

Online course on Emotional Intelligence


Online trainings "The art of self-presentation"

Language studying

A cycle of online lectures on improving the study of foreign languages ​​by Vitaly Zubkov

Each of us had such that when we were asked something in a foreign language, our brain fell into a “stupor”. In order for this not to happen and to communicate freely in several languages, you do not need to have a special gift or spend years of hard work on it. It is enough to follow a few simple rules. Modern methods allow you to learn a foreign language regardless of your background.

We invite you to understand all the intricacies at the unique theoretical and practical cycles of online lectures on improving the study and acquisition of foreign languages ​​by the famous psycholinguist Vitaly Zubkov.

Vitaly Zubkov is a psycholinguist, polyglot, author of the largest educational project of Ukraine “Lingva.Skills”.

You can register for the series of lectures via the link: https://bit.ly/3gaZQXl

The project is implemented with the support of the International Visegrad Foundation.